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Great photos by fellow riders

Great photos by fellow riders Image

Many of us carry cameras when we ride, and take every opportunity to snap photos of our fellow riders, as well as the beauty of Arizona. Every now and then we unintentionally (or by design) capture artistic beauty through our photography.

Here is a photo taken by Bill Hulburd on February 19th, 2012 on on the old steel bridge on old US 80. The natural light from the night sky combined with the motorcycle lights, created a surreal image and a beautiful photograph.

AZ Rider will be compiling a gallery of great rider photos such as this one.  If you have a photo that you would like included in the gallery, please submit a JPG of the photo, along with the name of the photographer, date, and location, to: [button link=”mailto:publisher@azrider.net?subject=Rider Photos”]Publisher@azrider.net[/button]

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